Sunday, May 16, 2010


My mind is spinning in so many different directions this weekend.

Friday morning God called - he was named Flo - and asked if I could spend an hour with Him on Saturday evening.  So that was a good thing and not having any other plans, I agreed.  My name is on a list of substitutes for a nearby Adoration Chapel.  I don't get a call very often, but when I do, it's like God calling.  Little did I know what lay ahead.

Saturday, the only thing on the agenda was shopping for clothes for my 8th grader's graduation and serving at 4:00 Mass.  Both kids have finals coming up, so they were hoping to get some study guide work done.  Before we even got out of the house on our shopping expedition, I had a phone call that alerted me to trouble with the grandkids.  There were some issues that necessitated the return of my stepson from the middle east and a change of residence for the family here.  On the one hand that is good news because the family will be reunited, and on the other hand, kind of sad because they will be moving on to their new home much sooner than we expected.  We had been hoping to enjoy a few months with them nearby.

We completed our shopping adventure.  Shopping with boys - what a joy!  Black pants $35, long-sleeve turquoise shirt $22, white tie (his choice!, not mine) $36, black socks 3/$7,belt $22,  black shoes $90 on clearance for $26.99).  Seeing him looking like a young man....priceless. He has been growing so fast the past few years, that "dress clothes" consist of decent jeans and a polo shirt.  I will have to post pictures when everything is washed and pressed.

We went from there to the pizza place with the giant rat.  Chuck E.  Been years since I've been there.  Haven't missed a thing.  But the grandkids were there, passing some time.  From there, we took one grandkid, went home, and made it to Mass in time to serve. 

They were able to get some studying done in the evening, and I kept my appointment with Jesus.  Sometimes that time seems so fruitful, and other times - like last night - not so much.  Surely there were things to pray about, but it just seemed kind of unfocused.  It's OK, though.  God gets it.  Once I heard that a little in our hands is great in the hands of God.  So He takes what little I am able to give, and does great things with it.

I helped get the grandkids and their mom settled for the night, and then I was home.

Mass this morning.  Breakfast out.  Ticket selling engagement for scouts.  Swimming test for summer scout camp.  Finally, studying for them and laundry for me.  We need clean clothes.  And we have scouts in a few minutes...


Seven more days of school.  I have honors night to pull together.  Parking lot paint to order.  Po-boy bread to order.  Paperwork to complete.  Pizza arrangements to make for altar servers.  Talk to me again in two weeks.  Life will be a lot calmer.  Parking lot.  Pizza.  Po-boys.  Paperwork.  Then there's haircuts, dentist appointments......

Seven more days.  Some other P's that will get me through:  Prayer.  Presence.  Peace.

Be still and know that I am God.

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  1. I made it through last week, you can do it, too! I understand what you said about Adoration. I used to feel the same way, but I think God does get it. If nothing else, He understands that you needed a quiet place for just a little while to recollect your thoughts!