Sunday, August 1, 2010

the h-word

Hell....Heat...Hot... pick one.

With a little poking around, I figured out my technical problem - at least partly.  I sent my personal laptop off for repairs last week.  It returned in great working order.  However, I realized that the security error was caused by the time and date being reset (probably during service).  My computer was saying that it was January 3, 2001.  Hmmmm..   That still doesn't explain my problem for the school board laptop....

Yesterday, was a hot one here. 

Started off with a couple of friends heading to the funeral of a co-worker's mother in a near-by town that I had never been to.  We made one wrong turn (thank you GPS) but we realized the error of our ways and corrected it.  The little Catholic church where the funeral was held was PACKED and since the deceased was African-American and I am not, I felt just a little conspicuous.  We were given seats on chairs placed in the aisle, which was nice.  The longer we were there, the hotter it got.  The air-conditioning could not keep up.  But, the music was beautiful, the homily was nice, prayer is good.  We elected not to follow the procession to the cemetery.  I can only imagine how the heat affected things there.  Did I mention that it was H.O.T?

We have those days here from time to time.  I have always said that is why there are so many Christians in this part of the country.  You get these days where sweat just pours from every pore in your body if you so much as walk outside, and you think, "If hell is this hot....I don't want to go there...because this is just miserable."  It's a great motivator - that little slice of hell every summer.

Speaking of hell, I go back to school on Wednesday.  More on that in my next post.

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