Tuesday, August 3, 2010

veggie tales

There is something about working with my tomatoes that allows me time to reflect.  Maybe because I am usually alone and the 'maters don't talk back.  I have fed them Miracle Grow the past few weeks in the hopes of resurrecting them.  I spend a lot of time clipping off brown leaves and stems.  The dead stuff.  The dying leaves that take away from what the plant could become.  No matter how many brown leaves I clip off, it always seems like there are more the next day.  Sometimes I clip off the whole branch and sometimes I just clip off the leaves on the tip - if the rest of it is still relatively green. 

Reminds me of us with our sin and confession. Always there is stuff to clip off.  Dead stuff.  Stuff that gets in the way of us becoming the people God created us to be.  Sometimes you clip off just a little bit - just the behaviors.  Sometimes you can lop off the whole branch - the attitudes, thoughts, deeds and all. 

You see this?  Remember this post?  (It's a pretty quick read and some people told me they liked it.)  Anyway, you see this guy?  He's a super pooper, apparently.  Follow the poop and you'll find the caterpillar.  You see that powdery stuff on the leaves?  It is SUPPOSED to keep pests from eating your plant.  I guess you can see for yourself how well that is working.

Wednesday I return to school for my first inservice.  Please mumble a quick prayer if you read this. I will need it.

And, although Tuesday is nearly over and this is probably longer than 60 seconds, I'm linking to Jenny's Sixty Seconds on Tuesday. 

Have a great week!

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