Thursday, August 19, 2010


Can I do a "whatever" post?

Maybe it's like one of those quick take things.  Lots of little pieces floating around in my mind.  Except it is hard not to make them not-so-quick takes.

Anyway.  Last week on Monday morning, I thought it was kind of hot at Mass.  I was ready to chalk it up to hot flashes, until I saw the A/C units as I walked out.  Obviously some kind of trauma had befallen them.  It wasn't until the next time I was at Mass there (Thursday) that one of the church-ladies-in-the-know said that someone had vandalized the units for the copper.  What kind of thief steals from a CHURCH?  It was still hot for Mass last weekend, even though the units had been replaced.  They must have not been totally hooked up.  Then Father nearly sent half of the [mostly elderly] congregation into cardiac arrest when he told them at the end of Mass that (a) the church had been vandalized and (b) the replacement cost for the 4 compressors that were stolen was $32,900.  (Fortunately insurance paid all but $1000.)

At Mass on Monday, I had the thorn in my side on my mind.  Our church is shaped like a "T" and for daily Mass, I usually sit in the right "arm" of the "T".  That day as I looked across the altar to the people on the other side, there was a spitting image of my thorn.  It HAD to be her sister.  I have seen the lady there before; she was a regular during Lent, and has shown up again the past few weeks, but this day I think she had a wig on, which made the resemblance unmistakable.  I thought it was pretty cool that God sent a visual cue for my prayer - as if to say - don't forget to pray for Thorn.  (Side note:  We once had a kid at our school named "Thorn".  We had one named "Pirhana", too.  He lived up to his name.)

Tuesday evening my older teen came with me to pray the Seven Sorrows Rosary.  That was nice.  It was a nice comfortable group - SIL, MIL, 2 of my nieces, SIL's friend and 5th grade daughter, another SIL friend, me and DS.

Wednesday morning was rainy and icky.  We were a little later leaving the house and the car-rider line was unbelievable.  I don't know why it is so long.  Maybe all the little PreK'ers haven't figured out how to undo their carseat buckles.  But with the slow moving, long line, there was no chance at all of making Mass.  I didn't even worry about it.  There is a beautiful church about 2 minutes from my school that has open doors.  I don't really like the daily Masses there, but it is a great place to find peace and quiet at other times.  I went today and it was dark - no early morning sunshine streaming through the east windows.  I didn't turn on the lights; just sat there in the dark.  In the darkness, I could see the silhouette of Jesus on the cross.  His hands caught my attention.  One, almost claw-like in agony, and the other almost peaceful, accepting, offering.  I don't know if there is deep meaning behind that; it's just what I noticed.  It was too dark to read Morning Prayer, so I prayed the Rosary.  It really was quite peaceful.  I will confess that I forgot the 4th Mystery, so I had to break out my cheat sheet and go back and pray it.  ;-)

We got our schedule finalized yesterday.  Our sections were put into the master schedule, and we changed the schedules of the fifth graders that we will have.  Then we went and broke the news to one of the fifth grade teachers that she now has 35 fifth graders in her class.  Her partner only has 27, though, so if she gives four away, they should be even.  Late afternoon is probably not the best time to give this kind of news to a teacher.  Today we should get sixth, seventh, and eighth grades scheduled.

Worked out in the evening.  No Pretzel M&M's.  Yay me!.

Two more days until Friday!!

Have a great week!


  1. 35 5th graders in one class? May God bless her! That's an awful lot of kids to have in one class and get anything done!

  2. I understand the hot flashes!

    P.S. I must be missing out on Pretzel M&M's, this is the first I've heard of them :)

    God bless