Saturday, May 28, 2011

endings...part 1

Blog posts have been hard to come by this month, but if it's any consolation, I've blogged more than I've worked out!  Not that the once-a-week workout schedule has been very effective...

I made it through the final school Mass with my 8th grader...with no tears, oddly enough.  Here is my 8th grader with his kindergarten munchkin.  I like the picture below because they have about the same deer-in-the headlights expression on their faces.  The kindergartners made booklets patterned after the book I'll Love You Forever.  Then they sat with their big buddies as the kindergarten teachers read the booklet to the group and the Munchkins chorused, "I'll love you buddy you'll be." 

Even the candle ceremony, which has evoked tears even in years that I didn't have a kindergartner or eighth grader, did not seem to have the emotional impact this year.

The homily at the Mass was directed at the eighth graders who were told that they (and each of us) were a word spoken in love from the heart of God from all eternity.  Whether or not they choose to live out of that truth....

Thursday night was a prayer service and "promotion ceremony".  Heaven forbid that we refer to it as Eighth Grade GRADUATION!!  The prayer part was pretty short and sweet.  A few songs.  A couple of readings.  Some prayers read by some of the students, and a final blessing from the good Monsignor (who quickly headed for the exit before the awards portion started.)

Awards and "certificates of completion" followed, along with each 8th grader reading a "faith statement" they had written.

Really, Mom?  Why do I have to stand next to this stupid tree? 

Acting like a doofus during the ceremony.  Encouraged by his big brother. 

All in all, it was good.  He received certificates for Perfect Attendance and "Blue Star" conduct, as well as the coveted Certificate of Completion.  I think, though, that the Award he received from his peers on Wednesday as "Most Awesome" far outranks the attendance and conduct awards!

Looking across the church during the evening ceremony.  That's the silhouette of St. Elizabeth Seton in front of the window.  Just thought it was kind of cool.

There were good-byes and pictures after the ceremony.  A few people that almost seemed to take it personally that kid #2 is not following along with the majority of the class to Catholic High School.  Truly, I do not see what they all see that is worth the many thousands per year.  The price tag to send my two there for 4 years would be approximately $50,000.  

Dear child seemed a little emotional (understandably) to be leaving his class behind, but it never quite kicked in for me...

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  1. When we lived in SC, there was a parochial elementary school. 2 of my sons went to K4 there, but that was it. CH & I both went through public schools (except I went to a parochial school for 1st grade, then they closed it down!). IMO, the kids get out of it what they put into it. I know that the private schools do great things, but I don't see anything at all wrong with public schools.