Sunday, May 8, 2011


I have been SO slacking with blogging.  There is one thing on my mind lately.  It starts with an H, ends with an E and has an OUS in the middle.  I can't even give you the countdown to the end of school, so pre-occupied am I with inspections and closing costs and interest rates and paper work and trying to wrap my mind around the impossibilities of packing and moving and living in a space this big.  Afraid we'll mess it up by moving in!

The house is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. I don't want to totally bore you with pictures, but, indulge me....

This is the sitting room to the master bedroom.  Henceforth to be known as The Mom Cave.

And this is the younger child surveying his kingdom from the balcony outside his room.

A pool was not even on my list, but since it's there....

The inspection went reasonably well.  There is some water damage to the roof around the chimney and roof vents and the roof is "nearing the end of its useful life", but those are fixable things.  The meeting with the credit union also went well.  We qualified for the lowest rate, and even though we don't have final approval, we don't forsee anything that will be a problem. 

Our homily this weekend was great.  The Gospel was the story about the two disciples encountering the Risen Lord on the way to Emmaus.  The good Father noted that so many in the Bible encounter God while on a journey.  Abraham.  Moses.  Paul.   And now, these two.  They encounter God on the journey because they are fertile ground.  They must first leave something behind...a place or a possession.  Secondly, they are not stuck...they are moving forward.  And third...they are open to change...that is what makes them "fertile ground for redemption".   What are we called to leave behind in order that God might move us forward in our lives and change us?  I went to confession before Mass, and my penance was essentially to  read the gospel and meditate on those engage in a convesation with God about those things.  God and I spoke last night, but sometimes you don't get immediate answers to questions like that.  We agreed that we'd talk again soon.  ;-)

Maybe its the clutter that I'm called to leave behind.  Or maybe it's something more abstract like irritation at teens or doing unnecessary things on Sunday or procrastinating.  Maybe it's all of the above.  Or something altogether different?  So we'll talk again when it is quiet!

Before I exited the confessional, I mentioned to my good priest, who has heard my struggles with work (even though he says he doesn't remember) how much I had dreaded the beginning of the school year, and how even though God has not followed my script at all, it has turned out to be a great year.  He quietly said, "That's why...because he doesn't follow our script!"

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! Love the pics!

  2. The house looks beautiful! And the pool: What a bonus!