Sunday, May 1, 2011

last week

I did not set out to take a blog break last week, but I did.  Fitting, perhaps, since I was out of school!  (Here, we still have EASTER vacation, although some of the politically correct schmucks have taken to calling it "Spring Break".)

This past week:  

I attended Mass with my friends at the Library Chapel of the burned down church down the road.  They recently broke ground on their rebuilding, but I don't think any actual rebuilding has occurred.
They were my Mass choice this week because my own pastor took some time off!

Planted some cantaloupe, watermelon and more strawberries in my garden.

I bought my boys a straight iron.  
Or is it a flat iron?  
In any case, he discovered (courtesy of his friend's 16 year old cousin) that it helped to tame this:

Looked at houses.

Bought a plane ticket to Philadelphia for the summer.
$$ Ouch! $$
But worth it to see my BFF and enjoy some peace!

Helped change the missalettes at church.

Helped my Granddad celebrate his 95th birthday!

That's him in the green shirt.
He looks good for 95, no?

Signed a contract to purchase a house!!!!
It is beautiful!  I never dreamed I would live in something this nice!
And it's surely not what I planned on doing this week!
But things came together nicely, and so far so good.
Inspections and financing stand in the way, but neither should be an issue.
(Pictures to follow when it's really, really for real!)
 And, no, it's not the property that we were praying about a month ago.
Prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet with my Ad Altare Dei group of Boy Scouts.
I don't think any of them (or my co-counselor) had ever prayed it before.


What I did NOT do this week:

Score the stacks of progress monitoring that I brought home to deal with.

Cut the grass.

Hang out with friends.

Wake up to watch the Royal Wedding.
Care enough to see it in the zillions of replays later in the day.
See Soul Surfer.

Buy clothes.

Win the lottery!

Iron my pants for school on Monday.
Which I really should!

Just gotta say...before I go.... EIGHTEEN more days of school!!  But I'm not counting or anything!


  1. Happy 95th to Granddad! How awesome!

  2. Your granddad looks great! I would've never guessed he was that old!
    Can't wait to see pics of the house...hope it goes as planned.
    We only have 2 more Mondays! YEAH! And, I'm missing the last day of school to go on an anniversary get-a-way. I still can't get over that this school system allows employees to miss the last day of school.

  3. Wow, 95!!! Granddad looks great!

  4. You've been BUSY! I hadn't counted before, but you inspired me--It's 19 days for us! :)

    just randomly clicked here via another blog...