Wednesday, December 23, 2009

parts and pieces, part four

When we did the last bit of maintenance on the washing machine, before I closed it back up (sounds like surgery), I took a look around with the flashlight and saw that one of the two shock aborbers holding up the tub was broken.  I didn't order them right away, but one day last week.  They came in about a week ago, and last weekend, we endeavored to replace them (both of them are now broken).  We did manage to take off the ones that were on the machine, but try as we might, could not get the new ones on.  Picture in your mind - this is at the bottom of the washing machine, so we are laying down on the bathroom floor, trying to push or pull the particular piece into place.  Not a whole lot of leverage.

Soooo.... I called a former colleague from school, who left teaching this year to "pursue other interests".  Apparently the other interests are going pretty good, because it has been difficult for him to find time in his schedule.  But, he just called, and is going to come by in the morning.  Say a prayer that he knows what he is doing and can get humpty dumpty back together again, and I will be able to do laundry in my own house once again!

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