Saturday, December 19, 2009

unthinkable impossibilities

Unthinkable impossibilities - like the Saints being 13-0.  Do we dare to think 14-0?

The homily this evening was about unthinkable impossibilities that give way to save realities.  An unthinkable impossibility like a virgin conceiving the child of God by the Holy Spirit so that He could walk among us as one of us.  And what a saving reality that unthinkable impossibility was!

In our own lives there are unthinkable impossibilities - addictions, struggles, family issues.  But given to God (and not taken back), we can be open to saving realities - in His way, not ours.

Edited to add:  Perhaps 14-0 was an unthinkable impossibility.  But perhaps this loss will be a "saving reality" for the Saints.  If they have to play Dallas in the play-offs, perhaps we'll be ready for them!

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  1. + Amen. And that is the great Mystery of our Faith. We should all dare to be the womb of the unthinkable impossibility and invite Christ inside.