Saturday, April 3, 2010

the gospel according to...

It has been a long day!

Our first "appointment" of the day was to meet the Good Monsignor at church at 10:00 for a practice for the Vigil Mass tonight.  Neither of our other servers showed up, but Father said he could work things with 2, so we went with that.

After that, we went shopping.  A few weeks ago, when my child had detention, he saw a set of "Resurrection Eggs" when he was cleaning one of the classrooms.  This sparked his memory and took him back to third grade.  Apparently it made an impression on him, because he determined that I needed to get it for my 2-year old Godchild.

While we were at the Catholic bookstore, we looked at the books on the clearance table.  On the end, was a Lectionary and a Book of the Gospels.  He is now the proud owner of The Book of Gospels - an $80 value that he was thrilled to get for $17 (and he offered to pay for it!)  He is a collector of sorts, but he was drawn to this.  Others have told me that they can picture him as a priest, and I see that sometimes, too.  I do my best not to push, but to keep it out there as a possible option.  So today, I said, "No chance of being a priest?"  And he says, "Don't talk about that, Mom. Not now.  God might get ideas."  I assured him that if God had ideas, He had them from the time dear son was created.  That God created him for a purpose - that he would need to discover.

A little while later, he says, "You know what my favorite Gospel is?"  Uhhh, I'm not even sure if I know what MY favorite gospel is.  "It's the one about the weeds and the wheat.  Because I get it!"  So even when you think they're not paying any attention at all, maybe they are!

Our evening and nighttime were taken up by the Easter Vigil.  And another server did show up.  We had to be there at 7:30, and it was not over until after 9:30.  Beautiful, but long.  More on that tomorrow!

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  1. I often wonder about my youngest son becoming a priest. It will be interesting to see what he becomes in the future!