Wednesday, April 21, 2010

son of the father

Faculty meeting this morning.  Bible Study this evening.  Bible study definitely being the better of the two.

Faculty meeting...let me not say too much since people I know can access this blog through my facebook page (not that they would want to).  But, OH MY!   There are 22 days of school left.  And now you're going to tell me to START doing my job.

And people wonder why I go to Mass in the morning.

I feel like I should go to confession.  Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I went to work. Everything I did there for the past 158 days was probably wrong.  I'm sorry and I will try to do better, but I have 22 days left, and  I don't know how I will avoid the near occasion of sin.


And, no, I would not make a mockery out of the sacrament of reconciliation, and there probably are some legitimate work-related things that I could do better.  I just detest these kinds of meetings.  If I am not doing my job, please talk to me at the beginning of the year one-on-one.  Come help me.  Make suggestions.  Don't make some general statement with less than two dozen days left.

Bible Study.  Something I look forward to.  This week was the Passion of  Christ in Matthew.  The part about  Barabbas was worth sharing.  At the Passover, the Jews celebrated their release from slavery in Egypt, and so it was customary for a prisoner to be released during the Passover.  The name "Barabbas" means "son of the father". The only way that he can be released is if the real Son of the Father pays the price for him.  In a sense, we are all Barabbas - the sinful children of the Father set free by the other Son.

And how about this little tidbit - quoting from our pastor's handout, "In this context, Jesus makes the wood of the Cross the new Tree of Life.  And the fruit of this tree is his flesh and blood, the Eucharist.  And if we eat of the fruit, we'll live forever."  I never thought of it that way.  Makes a ton of sense, though.

I've gotten a few updates from friends from the church that had a fire last week.  Most of the damage appears to be water and smoke.  Daily Mass is being held in the parish library and Sunday Mass at the gym of a nearby school.  My friend today, said he hoped that they would be back in the church by the beginning of June.  That would be great!

Let spring break begin!!

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  1. Here's hoping and praying that the parish that had the fire will be back in their own home soon! Thanks for your thoughts on Barabbus..sounds like you found a good Bible study to attend! Faculty meetings: UUUUUGGG! Big waste of time! I hate having to sit through those when they have nothing to do with me!
    Have a great Thursday!