Thursday, April 29, 2010

today has been long enough

Started out with Mass.  That might well have been the only thing that went right.  The homily was about lifting each other up, and the guarantee that we would have the chance sometime during the day to lift someone up.  Then I promptly forgot about that until now.  Not sure if I lifted anyone up or not.

Started out with drama at school.  I can't share details, but it is just SO time for the year to be done. And the kids are not the problem.  Or the parents.  Dealt with as much of that as I could.  My 8th graders came in, and about 2/3 of the way through their class, a co-worker knocked on my door and asked if I'd forgotten about a meeting I was supposed to be at 40 minutes ago at our feeder HS.  Yep!  So I asked my assistant to take my lunch duty, dropped everything, and went to that.  I was not prepared, but the people I needed to meet with were wonderfully understanding.

Then came my sixth graders.  They weren't bad.  We looked at pictures from the field trip yesterday, and did a little bit of math.  (The field trip yesterday was wonderful!  The little thug-wannabe's were wonderful, and they got complements on their behavior.  We met a Korean War veteran who had served on the ship that we went to visit.  He made $22 a week in 1957.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the levee, and none of them ended up in the river.  The only problem was when we walked back to school from a nearby ice cream place.)

 Somewhere in here I got a phone call from my dear hubby.  Because we just got reminded of the policy of using electronics on campus, I did NOT answer the call.  Later when I checked my voicemail, he was telling me that he we needed new smoke detectors because he caught grease on fire [again] and they did not go off.

After this class, my co-worker who chaperoned the 7th graders on their field trip dropped by my room.  She said that 2 of ours had started fighting - probably started off as "playing".  The ambulance was on the way because one supposedly had a broken thumb and the other was throwing up.  Uncaring teacher that I am, I did not even go see about them.  I was busy filling out paperwork x3 for our visit to the dentist. 

Left work early to go to the dentist.  I hate going to the dentist.  One kid needs to see an orthodontist because he has a "deep bite" and the other needs a root canal and a crown.  He must have inherited my teeth.  Yippee.

And now I am waiting on the Pop-A-Lock man (who should have been here by now) because one of my children went to get the mail last weekend, and didn't put the keys back where he got them.

Is it Friday the 13th?  Nope - it's my grandfather's 94th birthday!  Happy Birthday Granddad!

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  1. What a day. There's always tomorrow! Hope it's better than yesterday! I love the end of the year for obvious reasons, but there always seems to be soooo much drama. Hang in there!