Monday, April 19, 2010

things i've heard

If' you've been reading this blog for the last couple of months, you might have been with me through what I thought was a disappointing Lent.  I had great plans for the things God was going to do in my life during Lent, and my great plans didn't really materialize. 

And I know that's OK, because God probably has other plans.  (My pastor sometimes tells us not to get upset with him, because he works in "sales" (for God), not "management".  Well, sometimes, I think I could work in an advisory position to God- maybe in "consulting".  But I digress...)

I know that on the one hand, God's plans are infinitely superior to mine;  that God always cares for His children, that God doesn't measure "success" by the same standards that we do, that God may be doing things that we just can't see, and on and on.  But it is still disappointing not to see much "fruit" from Lent.

But God speaks through his priests.  In the last week, I've heard the following:

Last Tuesday, from Fr.K:  We like to tell the spirit where and how hard to blow.  But the Spirit knows what it is doing, all on it's own, without any help from us. 

Last Friday, from Fr.R:  Even when we are confused with what God is doing in our lives, God is not confused. 

Today, from Fr.R:  We like to ask God for signs, just like the people in the readings today.  When God is not going along with our script, that's when surrender and faith is required.  When the externals - the signs - are stripped away, when you have to rely on faith, that's when faith grows.  That was exactly what I needed to hear today. 

God bless our priests!

And here's another thing:  When I first started attending daily Mass a few times a week, I shared that info with only a very few colleagues.  But eventually, it became a treasure that couldn't be contained, and when our schedule changed a few years ago, the only positive thing (that I've been able to see) is that I have the opportunity to attend Mass most days of the week.  And so when I mention that, we are past the "Really, you go to Mass every day?" conversations.  I have one co-worker who also attends daily, and another who comes to meet me sometimes.  Sometimes this leads to sidewalk conversations that others overhear.  Today, another mentioned to me that she has been going to Mass this week (at another parish) and that she loved what the priest had to say today!  Go God!  Draw us close!

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  1. Yes, God bless our priests. Amen.
    Too cool that others have started going to daily mass. Unfortunately my schedule doesn't allow it, but hopefully someday it will! Have a good Tuesday!