Sunday, March 7, 2010

blessed are the helpful

Friday, my husband remembered that he was out of one of his blood pressure meds.  He had taken the bottle to the pharmacy earlier in the week (and left it), but is was not time for it to be refilled.  So, Friday evening I called to see about it.  Clearly, whoever answered the phone had had a long day or a long week.  Dear hubby does not remember the names of his meds.  He goes by things like "big white pill", "reddish pill", "the one I take twice a day".  Drives me crazy, but I can no longer remember all of his, what they are for, their strengths,  etc.  There is only so much space in my memory.

Anyway, I explained the situation to the young lady who answered the phone.  Dear hubby is telling me in the background, "Tell her it's a little white pill."   Wrong thing to say to someone who works in a pharmacy on a Friday evening.  "Well ma'am, we have thousands of white pills."  Anyway, we ended up with some medication, to get him through the weekend until the doctor could reauthorize the script, but it was the wrong one.  (Blue capsules).

He went out of town yesterday, so there was no need to run there yesterday.  I thought maybe I'd have better luck if I stopped by this morning after Mass, and I was right.  There was a nice young man working behind the counter.  I told him I needed his help and explained the situation.  He asked for dear hubby's date of birth and name, pulled up his information on the computer, and within about 90 seconds, we had the name of the medication.  He told me it had 2 refills left and offered to get one ready.  He told me to bring dear hubby's drivers's license next time and they would be able to print out a list of all of his meds, in case we forget a name again. 

Thank you, Lord, for helpful people.

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