Tuesday, March 16, 2010

let the water rise

It's been a long week.  And it's only Tuesday.  Seems like it should be at least Thursday.  The time change didn't help any.  While I love having the extra daylight in the evening, I really miss my extra hour of sleep.  I felt like I needed a nap yesterday from the time I woke up.

Today wasn't so bad, school-wise.  As a reward, students who hadn't received an office referral during the previous six weeks were shown a video during one class period.  As luck would have it, each grade level had it during MY class.  What are the odds?  None of my 7th graders were eligible to go, but I only had 2 eighth graders and 3 sixth graders in my class.  I actually got papers graded and grades entered.  Good thing because progress reports are due tomorrow.

Didn't make it to Mass this morning.  My kidlets just moved too slow.  Won't make it tomorrow because I have a before-school meeting.  Things are better when I am able to go to Mass.  One of my offspring who has had week after week, year after year of straight A's in conduct has found his rebel side.  It has been years since he had anything lower than a C in conduct.  But today, he made it all the way down to an F.  Because he was misbehaving in the hall and didn't have his shirt tucked.  So now WE have to attend Saturday detention.  Which will prevent us from attending my godchild's second birthday party.  Sometimes I really think that the teachers at his school need to come spend a day in my shoes and get a grip.  But then maybe that is the reason he does not attend my school.  His brother, who has rarely had an A in conduct - ever - is just in awe that brother got Saturday detention before him.

As I said....a long day.

Here is a song that I like.  Kind of expresses what I am feeling right now.  I know there is a reason I am where I am.  I know there is something I am supposed to learn.  Kind of hope it is a quick lesson, but on some things, I'm not a quick learner.  And sometimes, it just takes as long as it takes.  As I was told once, "This is how Jesus has chosen for you to share in the Paschal mystery right now."  "But God always gives you what you need..."  And He does.

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