Sunday, March 21, 2010

nancy and the saint

Friday was the Solemnity of Joseph, the husband of Mary.  So important of a day is this, that even though it was a Friday during Lent, eating meat was OK.  (We didn't, but we could have.)

I came home and on one of the blogs that I follow saw this Youtube video posted: 

And I thought it was kind of ironic that someone would call upon the help of a Saint to pass this horrid piece of legislation that provides for the killing of unborn children and more. Historically (like in the Bible) bad things have happened to societies which kill their children. It really can't be good news for us. But, you know, we have "separation of church and state" so maybe that makes us immune as a nation for facing the consequences of our actions. Kind of like a small child who covers his eyes when playing hide-and-seek and thinks he is invisible to everyone, since he can't see anyone.  Maybe God can't touch us, because He comes under "church" and this other stuff comes under "state".  Sorry, God, it's separated.  (sarcasm here)

Then I read further. Poor Nancy. She tries to be "Catholic", but once again she has it wrong. Friday was not the "Feast of St. Joseph the Worker" as she claims. That minor, optional feast is on May 1. And while the Solemnity of St. Joseph that was celebrated on March 19, IS important to those with Italian heritage, the Feast of St. Joseph the worker is of no particular importance to them.

It just irritates me that she trots out her Catholic identity when it's convenient, and then puts it way back in the closet the rest of the time.  To me, your faith should influence everything else about your life, including your politics. It shouldn't be your politics influencing your faith.  I look at her, and I see evil.  But I should pray for her; we all should.  And today with the story of the woman caught in adultery as the Gospel in Mass, maybe I shouldn't cast stones.  Maybe it's a good thing that God (and not some of us) will judge her when she stands before Him.

God help our country.

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