Sunday, September 19, 2010

empty tent syndrome

We used to camp a couple of times a year when we were in Cub Scouts, and those were always fun-filled memorable times.  Times I looked forward to and enjoyed.  Sometimes my dear hubby came with us, but most often, it was me with the boys.  Our scout groups have always been pretty close-knit, so there were always good friends (dads and moms) along, too.  The adults had fun.  The boys had fun.

We had a nice sized tent.  I think it was an "8-man" tent, which means that 4 people can fit comfortably in it.  Eight people will fit only if they have no gear and you pack 'em in like sardines.  In Cub Scouts, boys stay with their parents.  Those were good times - together, without the interruption of television or other things.  Some of those times we will always remember.  In Boy Scouts, they generally share a tent with another boy.  Last year when we went camping, I shared a tent with another mom.  But this year, none of my close mom-friends were coming, so I was all alone in my big empty tent.  It really wasn't that bad.  :-)

 That's my tent, on the right.  It was a little warm.  It seemed on Saturday the hottest part of the day was after the sun went down.  It probably seemed that way because the breeze died and the humidity picked up.  Anyway, sleeping alone, I was able to sleep with only the essentials covered. 

We didn't have too much planned.  The boys swam in the lake (and played with algae and scooped clay off of the bottom).

A mid-afternoon nap fit the bill.

I was hoping for one myself, but some of my companions were a *little* on the talkative side.  Towards evening, I told one of the dads that I was taking my camera and going for a walk to find some quiet time.  As I was making my escape someone saw me leaving and asked where I was going.  "For a walk to find some quiet."  "Mind if I come?"  Oh well.  It was a new person.  So we walked together.

We ate.  Here are some of the guys waiting in line for lunch.  Hot dogs always taste better in the woods.

I got a quick peek at brotherly love. 

I walked up "the road less traveled".  It led to the showers.

And even though the weather didn't reflect it - I saw signs of fall in the changing colors of leaves.

All in all, a good weekend.  :-)

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  1. I know what you mean about a hotdog in the woods. For me, there's nothing better than a grilled hamburger in the Cove!