Friday, September 10, 2010

'nother prayer answered

Another prayer answered, or maybe another promise kept.

Back in July, when I wrote this post, I was not looking forward to the start of school - at all.  Last year's ending was not good, but as bad as it was, I was looking at the real possiblity of this coming year being worse.  One of the things that I was apprensive about were new co-workers.  Of the two who worked most closely with me last year, one had accepted a different teaching position and one was expecting a baby and not returning for various reasons. 

This left TWO openings in our department. No big deal, except that at other schools, teachers were displaced.  A friend of mine teaches at a near-by middle school which lost teachers, and one of them she described as "evil".  My friend is a kind-hearted soul and does not routinely call people "evil", but worked closely with this person and saw how she operated.  She was so abusive to her teacher assistant, that the assistant had to be reassigned.  So I was a little worried that she would be MY new co-worker partner.  But towards the end of the summer, we heard that she had accepted a job at a high school.

Today my friend told me that the evil one HAD been offered a job at my school, but had refused it!  This news just left me feeling, "There is a God, and He has my back." 

Lord, thank you.  Help me not to complain about the co-workers You have seen fit to surround me with this year. 

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