Thursday, September 2, 2010

silver linings

Silver linings - literally.  Nothing profound.  Nothing requiring much thought at all.  I have been too tired most nights for such things. 

The other night - when I had a little leftover energy from the day, I had gone to work out.  On my drive back home, I had to pull over and capture this cloud shot.  Might have made the workout worth it.

I rarely get awesome cloud pictures at home, because we are surrounded on all sides by trees.  But when I am driving - morning and evening - I see amazing things.  But driving and taking pictures...I've done it...but it's hard to get good pictures.

Then I went a little further down the road and saw this.  I just stopped right in the middle of the road and snapped a few pictures.  The first few washed out the clouds, but this last one did a better job of getting  the colors I was trying to get.

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