Monday, September 20, 2010


Just senseless.

While I was out in the woods with my 13 and 15 year olds this weekend, one of our 8th graders from school - a 14 year old - was murdered.  Stabbed in the chest by another teen and left lying in the street after dark.  For a watch. 

There just really aren't any words.

We flew the flag at half-mast.

Possibly sadder - we found out this morning that another of our students had attempted suicide over the weekend.  Due in part to bullying.  But they can't tell us who it was or what grade he or she was in. 

And that was the incentive I needed to email my older child's guidance counselor to let her know about a child that I hear about on nearly a daily basis.  Someone he just wants to beat up so he'll leave him alone.

Today in our public school, God was mentioned.  How we don't understand His plans.  How we never know when it is "our time" and so we need to be "right".

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