Saturday, July 10, 2010


My blog friend, Mary, passed along a new award to me earlier in the week. 


I'm honored!  I do try to include at least a little substance, although one of my "gifts" is to write about absolutely nothing at all.  I'm sure some posts have more substance than others. In the midst of the craziness at my house right now, this is probably about as much substance as you're going to get at the current time!

This blog is part journal, part scrapbook, part creative outlet.  

I have 2 boys that I am trying to get ready for the National Scout Jamboree.   I am trying to get patches sewed on uniforms.  My husband's oldest grandchild is staying with us for the next week or so.  (The other 5 are staying with my sister-in-law and my stepson's mom.)   I am leaving next week to visit a friend for several days.  I need to get the kids' school uniforms bought before they leave for the jamboree. ANYWAY....

Back to the substance.  I am supposed to sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words.  At the risk of copying off of Mary.....


My faith and my family are the most important things. Though I don't think any of my family knows about this blog, there are quite a few posts about them!  Faith and my practice of mine takes up a fair share of posts.     Memories.  There is too much stuff in my brain to remember, so when I can write stuff down, it frees up more space in my brain.  Plus I then have a written record!  Honesty.  No need to make things up here, since most of the people that stop in here to read are people that I'll never meet in real life. It is what it is.  Expression. I can think when I write, and since I don't have a whole lot of other creative talents, this kind of fills the bill!

And as part of the deal, I'm supposed to select some other blogs with substance.  Of course, all of the blogs that I read have substance or otherwise I wouldn't spend time reading them. no particular order:


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