Monday, July 26, 2010

why i get up early

Yeah, I get up early so I can drive down the interstate and take pictures of the sunrise.  Not really, but it is an added bonus - lagniappe.

I can't see the sunrise from my house, or much of anywhere else, for that matter.  Too many trees.  But on my way to Mass this summer, I have been treated to some that are simply breath-taking.  And I've started carrying my camera with me in the mornings in hopes of getting a shot.   Today traffic was light, so I was able to go at a safer speed and the view was beautiful.

Mostly, though, I get up early to go to Mass.  I started a few years ago during Lent.  (Four??  Five??)  And I was hooked before Lent was over.  I had always been a night owl - staying up to the wee hours of the morning when it was cool and quiet.  But just like that - I was sliding out of bed at 5 a.m. - and excited to be doing so.  There is something about slipping out of the house when everyone is still sleeping.  A lot of the time, it's still dark at that hour.  I've been to Mass in snow (once) and pouring rain and I've heard the wind of an approaching tropical system howling through the rafters.

Always, always I am glad that I went.  I know that when I go, at least one thing has gone right in my day. I can sit in the still silence and collect my thoughts, catch my breath, pray.  I am nourished by His Word.  Sometimes the readings or the homily is exactly what I need to hear.  I receive Christ - Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity - in the Eucharist, and there is strength and grace there that I will probably not ever fully appreciate this side of heaven.    And, if the cares of the world are weighing me down, confession is available fifteen minutes before Mass. There are miracles that happen every day while much of the rest of the world is still sleeping.  And that's why I get up early!

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