Wednesday, September 8, 2010

candles in heaven?

Today the Nativity of the Blessed Mother was celebrated - Mary's birthday.  I went to Mass to celebrate, and I wondered if they celebrated her birthday in heaven.  I thought of how many candles there might be on that cake.  Wow!  I've come to a much greater appreciation of Our Blessed Mother since this summer.  I thought about having a blue cake or dessert for the family tonight, but I ended up at Open House for my high schooler instead, so we ate at different times.   (His teachers said he is doing great.)

At Mass, the priest remarked that after 55 years of priesthood, he had realized something at 5:30 this morning.  That the Immaculate Conception - which we celebrate on December 8 - is exactly 9 months before Mary's birthday on September 8.  Who knew?  He said he counted it off on his fingers to make sure. 

Happy Birthday to the Queen of the Universe!

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  1. I had no idea it was Mary's birthday! I bet there's a humongous party for her in heaven,no doubt!
    By the way...haven't found that folder. I can go back and recreate it if I have to...luckily the student has only been in speech for 1 year. I had his sister in speech, so I'm familiar with the family, and I feel pretty confident that mom would go back and sign everything if I tell her what's going on. Just don't want to do it yet...I keep thinking it will turn up!