Sunday, July 25, 2010

on the road again

I'm home, but my boys have taken off again.  They loaded buses on Friday night headed for the National Scout Jamboree.

Here's a picture of my 2 guys before we left home on Friday.  They look handsome in their uniforms!  (I'm not biased or anything!)  I'm glad that they will be able to share the experience, but the house is a lot quieter without them!

And how about a picture of them with their "brothers from other mothers"?  My other sons...their tent-mates for the next two weeks.  Just for the record, my younger one is not *that* much younger than the others, he's just under-tall.  Happens when you have 2 parents who are 5'4".  He and the "tall one" --> are 20 months apart, and *my* other 2 boys fall between them in age. 

Yesterday they did some whitewater rafting in Tennessee.  They had pizza for lunch.  Apparently when arrangements were made, one of the owners of the rafting company told the scoutmaster that "someone" would pick up the pizzas and bring them to the group.  Apparently this didn't sit well with the owner's mother (the co-owner?)  But she ended up giving the scoutmaster the keys to HER car to pick up the pizzas.  And while they were there, the owner of the pizza place was a Boy Scout supporter, so he threw in five extra pizzas!  Three cheers for CiCi's Pizza (near Cleveland, TN).

In the evening, "Father Pete" came to the campground where they were staying to say Mass.  He is also an Eagle Scout.

Bar-b-q hamburgers were on the menu for supper, and by all reports, the boys were behaving and life was good!


  1. I guess they went rafting on the Ocoee? My son is a raft guide on the Nolichucky (in upper E. Tn.)
    They're only about an hour away from me!

  2. I really hope they have a great time. Grant left at 6am on Saturday and then they were going to tour DC the day before the Jamboree. He was so excited to be going. I'll be praying for all the boys. I think it's great your boys get to share this together, what a wonderful experience.

  3. Yes, Mary, they were on the Ocoee. Our report said the water was high and fast, but no one flipped. What a great job your son has!

    Rachel, I think they are going to have a wonderful time. Our guys are spending 2 days in DC after the Jamboree. Prayers, here, too!

  4. How fun! Love the term "under tall." Made me chuckle.

  5. Our guys are only spending one day in DC before heading to the Jamboree and then spending the day the Jamboree ends at Water Country, spending the night at U of M and then they will be home around 5pm on Aug 5th. I'm hoping Grant is doing alright w/ the heat and hoping he's having fun.

  6. Ours are spending the night at a church in DC, then spending a night on the bus, and finally spending a night in a cave in Tennessee. We are expecting them around 7 on the 7th. Unfortunately, school starts on the 11th... :-p

    Have you heard from Grant? No news from mine, although we've gotten a few brief email updates from the leaders.