Sunday, November 1, 2009

all saints day

I love Mass on any given day, but I particularly enjoyed it today.  The first reading was from Revelations - you rarely have a reading from Revelations.  The gospel was from Matthew - the Beatitudes which we spent an hour or so on last Wednesday.  The homily was short and to the point, as always.  The saints had no advantage over us.  We are made for heaven.  And the way to get there it to allow God to work through us in the ordinary things of life - in our successes and failures, our triumphs and tragedies, our sinfulness and holiness.  The choir sang the Litany of the Saints during the offeratory.  It was beautiful. 

Then came real life.  Oh my!  I have a long way to go towards Sainthood.  What IS the big rush to get out of the parking lot after Mass.  At our parish, you park in lines, and as luck would have it, neither the car in front of us or the car behind us moved when Mass was over.  I thought dear hubby was going to have kittens because I didn't wiggle the car out of that spot right away.  It was not pretty, especially when the boys joined in.  Then both boys decided to accompany me to WalMart.  It wasn't too bad until we got to the checkout - though I probably added $30 to my bill by all the stuff that they throw in the cart.  Then they started.  Kid #2 was aggravated by Kid #1, so Kid #2 felt he had to explain things in explicit detail to anyone within 20 feet of our location.  Repeatedly.  Words like "be quiet" or the seldom used "SHUT UP!" have no effect.  I let them both have it when we got in the car.  Again - not one of my better moments, but enough was enough!  Not sure where God is working today.  Not sure if He's in my part of the world today.

Any peace I might have had, I'm not feeling right now.  PMS, perhaps? 

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