Sunday, November 22, 2009

parts and pieces, part two

Dear hubby had told me that the local parts place wouldn't order the part without a model number and a part number, and wasn't too helpful about finding them.  Sooooo....I found the model number on the inside of the dryer door, and then I did a search for "frigidaire washer parts" and went looking for the part number.  That took me to a few different websites, each with a schematic of the insides of the washer/dryer with numbers pointing to each part.  It didn't take me long to find the parts I needed - (the hose thingy and a knob that has been out of commission for quite a while).  And as long as I was there, I placed an order.  The knob was $20 (highway robbery) and the hose thingy was $30.  Shipping was $13 (I paid $6 extra to get 2-day shipping because I didn't want it to be caught up in the Thanksgiving holiday).  Bet it would have cost me a lot more to call a repair guy. 

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