Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the bad

We have been to this camp before, and the FOOD is one of "the 4 F's".  (The other "F's" are Fun, Facilities, and Friendliness.)  The "4 F's" are several of  the reasons why we select this camp over others.  Well, you can scratch "food' off of the list.  What little we had was tasty, but the portions were not adequate and the only way to supplement was with junk at the trading post.  In the past, the food has been tasty, the portions have been generous, and  PB&J has been available at all meals.  I realize that I probably need to eat less, but I wasn't going to camp looking for a diet.  This was my lunch on Tuesday: 

That reddish liquid in the bowl is "chili".  Lunch on Monday was 4 (FOUR!) dry chicken nuggets without ketchup or BBQ sauce, one scoop of mashed potatoes with no gravy, one spoonful of "baked beans" and one spoonful of red jello.

Don't even get me started on the brown liquid that was referred to as "coffee".  

But, hey, I weighed a pound less today!

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