Tuesday, November 17, 2009

more gratitude

Continuing with the gratitude theme - leading up to Thanksgiving.

Sunday found me grateful for my big, orange, riding lawnmower.  I got the back of the backyard mowed.  It was SO dry.  So I was also grateful for the Zyrtec that allowed me to continue to breathe after inhaling all that stuff.

Monday, I was thankful for my kids.  Basically, good kids that keep my life interesting.

Tuesday, we're going with a religious theme.  Today is my patron saint's feast day - St. Elizabeth of Hungary.  So I am thankful for all the Saints that have gone before us:  Sts. Elizabeth, Clare, Francis, and Anthony to name but a few.  I am also grateful for St. Cody who taught me so much in the years he was in my class.  I am grateful for the Eucharist (literally Thanksgiving) and the opportunities we have to receive.  I had the opportunity to attend Mass at my kids' school this morning.  We are so blessed.

Wednesday I was grateful that my stepson will be returning from Iraq for good - hopefully before Christmas.

Thursday I am thankful for the people that I work with.  Some days they make it worthwhile.

Friday I am so thankful that it is Friday.  And that we have an entire week off of school. 

Saturday I am thankful that I am not at winter camp in the rain with my boys, and thankful that when I get there on Monday, the weather should be nice!

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