Thursday, November 19, 2009

gut feelings

Children don't come with owner's manuals, and we are at a crossroads, as it is time for Kid #1 to choose a high school, after 10 years at his Catholic elementary/middle school. 

The public high school that we are zoned for also offers a technology "academy" and this is where his interests lie.  If he spent the time that he spends on his computer homework on his academic courses, who knows what he could achieve?

When I realized some months ago that this might be a viable option for him, I was a little sad.  I had always assumed he would go on the the nearby Catholic high school.  His older brother went there many years ago, and it was a good place for him.  I had hoped that he would continue to receive a Catholic education mostly for the faith aspects.

Tonight was Open House at the Catholic high school.  I went hoping that there would be something that I saw there that would make me think that it was the place that he should go.  But there was nothing.  The more I saw, the more convinced I became that he would not be happy there and that we are being led somewhere else.  The rap songs that the students created as a religion project.  I have heard that the Theology department is very good, but to pick that as the thing to show to prospective parents was just a bit odd.  The constant mantra about how challenging the classes are.  The fact that the classrooms seem to be mostly unchanged from when big brother went there 15 or more years ago, but there is a new state of the art, awesome weight room and pictures all around of the stadium that is to be built.  I would bet that the library still has the same encyclopedias that it did 20 years ago, too.  The fact that there is one - count it - UNO computer class available for the four years.  The idea of weekly Mass and confessions available a couple of times a month was nice, but we can do that on our own. 

Oddly enough, kid #2, who tagged along with us seemed to picture himself there the following year.

Again, I feel a little sad.  But I suppose I should be thankful that we have a choice, that there is an alternative that really interests him, and that it doesn't come with a $5,000 + price tag.

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