Saturday, November 21, 2009

parts and pieces

So what is it??  Give up? 

It's the drain hose thingy on my washing machine.  And it has a hole in it.

This afternoon, I found a large amount of water on the bathroom floor - more than what might be caused by an enthusiastic bath-taker.  So I started to investigate.  There were items far away from the bathtub that were wet.  And the more I looked, the wetter the things were.  Needed to be cleaned out, anyway.  Then, as I listened, I could hear the steady trickle of water.  That's not supposed to happen. 

I took off the front of the washer - took a little while to find the proper tool to unscrew the oddly shaped screws, but I did it.  Then I could easily peek in and see where and what the problem was.  I was able to undo the silver clamp at the top, but had to call on dear hubby to get the two green ones loose.

We took the nasty rubber item to Lowes, after dumping out the remaining water and finding 3 quarters and a thin piece of metal that probably caused the hole in the drain hose thingy.  A nice employee at Lowe's was able to tell us where we might find a store that sells parts.  They won't be open until Monday, however.

Hopefully, we will get the part ordered and reinstalled and I will be able to use the washer again.  And we might have saved the price of an iPhone by doing it ourselves.  Maybe.

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