Tuesday, November 10, 2009

giving thanks....

Thanksgiving officially shows up in a few weeks.  A Facebook post challenges us to post something each day that we are thankful for.   So....

on 11.10.09, I am thankful for the nice weather - not too hot, not too cold....

11.11.09 - I am grateful for the veterans who have defended our country and our freedoms throughout our history.  I am also grateful for Pennye.  It's her birthday today and she brings sunshine into any situation.

11.12.09 - I am thankful for the "Good Monsignor", our parish pastor, and the awesome Bible studies that he facilitates.  He says he plans to offer many more.

11.13.09 - I am appreciating that hubby cleaned the kitchen and all the dirty dishes in the sink vanished while I was at work.  It was either him or the Kitchen Fairy!

11.14.09 - I am thankful for my computer and all the friends that "live" in it.  Wierd how that happens.

[Side note:  Does Blogger have a spellcheck?  I need it.]

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