Sunday, November 22, 2009

be fire!

This afternoon, I was going through some things looking for lost items (which I did not find) when I came across this tidbit.  It was on a handout that I received last May when I went to a Mother's Day of Reflection.   I thought it was appropriate since I will be camping for the next two days:

God's endeavor is to give himself to us entirely.
Just as the fire seeks to draw the wood into itself,
and itself into the wood, it first finds the wood unlike itself.
It takes a little time.
Fire begins by warming it, then heating it,
and then it smokes and crackles
because the two are so unlike each other.
The hotter the wood becomes,
the more still and quiet it grows.
The more it is likened to the fire, the more peaceful it is,
until it becomes entirely flame.
That the wood be transformed into fire,
all dissimilarity must be chased out of it.
Meister Eckhart, OP (13th - 14th century) 

Lord, chase away the things in my life that are dissimilar to You.

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