Friday, November 27, 2009

parts and pieces, part three

The washer parts arrived by Fed-Ex early Wednesday afternoon.  After I psyched myself up, I laid down on the bathroom floor with my handy flashlight to see what I could do.  I positioned the piece so that all three of the hose openings lined up with whatever they were supposed to connect with.  Then I put the clamp on the largest part.  It was the easiest clamp to install.  Then I tried and tried with the vice grips to clamp the other clamps open so that I could slide the rubber hose part onto the connecting part and then slide the clamp over the whole mess.  I didn't have a whole lot of luck, so dear hubby came to the rescue.  He clamped open the clamps, and then I slid the hoses on to the connecting parts.  Then he slid the clamp over the hose.  It took a few tries, but it worked.  The true test was putting a load of clothes in and starting it up.  No leaks!  :-)

Before I put the front panel back, I took a quick look around at the washer innards and noticed that there was another broken part.  The tub is held up by two shock absorber looking things, and one of them is broken.  $27 for a set of two.  I am not sure I know how to put them on, but I guess it couldn't hurt to order them now, before the other one breaks....

Side note:  The knob that I use to set the dryer timer has been broken for some time, so I have kept a special pair of pliers in the bathroom for that purpose.  While I was ordering the hose part, I ordered a knob, too.  Seems so strange to just start the dryer without looking for the pliers to turn it on!

Stay tuned for parts and pieces, part four...the continuing saga of As the Dryer Turns...

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  1. Your discriptions keep me laughing!